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*JUST 15 Prepaid Plan*

PDF JUST 15 Prepaid Plan Critical Information Summary

If you're looking for cheaper calls where you only pay for the time you talk, then look no further than the JUST 15 Prepaid Plan.

With JUST 15 you don't pay call connection fees, and your calls are only charged by the second, not in 30 (or 60) second blocks. You only pay for what you use.

And, with 180 day credit expiry your credit really will last you for ages.

  • 0.5c per sec calls within Australia
  • 0c call connection fee
  • per second billing
  • 180 day credit expiry
  • $15, $20, $30, $50 or $100 recharge vouchers

*JUST Prepaid Caps*

PDF JUST Cap Prepaid Plan Critical Information Summary

With our range of Prepaid Caps you'll always get more for less. Top up with whatever cap suits your budget, and be rewarded with even more credit. Plus get loads of included JUST TALK value to use on calls to your mates on JUST Mobile or the Vodafone network.

  • $19 gets $120 inc. $60 JUST TALK
  • $29 gets $150 inc. $75 JUST TALK
  • $39 gets $200 inc. $100 JUST TALK
  • 30 day credit expiry

Services included:

  • Standard & international calls
  • Standard & international SMS
  • Standard & international MMS
  • Voicemail
  • 1223 - Directory assistance
  • 123 'Ask us anything'
  • 13, 15 & 18 numbers

Services not included:

  • Premium SMS, e.g. SMS voting & SMS competitions
  • Premium numbers e.g. 1900 numbers & competitions
  • International & national roaming
  • Mobile commerce transaction
  • Content purchases
  • Call screen

*How JUST Prepaid works*

As a prepaid customer you get to pay in advance with recharge vouchers. These vouchers range from $15 to $100, so there is something for every budget. After purchasing your recharge voucher, simply freecall 888 from your JUST mobile and enter the voucher number. Your credit will immediately be topped up and ready for you to use. Calls and texts are charged according to the rates tables on the Prepaid Rates page.

JUST TALK $60 equates to 67 minutes, $75 equates to 84 minutes and $100 equates to 112 minutes based on average 2.5 minute calls.

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